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James Gordon

Born and brought up in Edinburgh. My background was in plants and horticulture. I trained at Bath University where I gained a 2(1) hons degree in horticulture in 1979. My primary interest has been in Garden and Landscape design. Favourite designers rather grandly include Caruncho and Noguchi and Piet Oudulf. My approach to a garden is through function, the clients needs and budget and the restraints/stimulus of local plants and climate. As far as possible I use locally available and sympathetic materials which age and weather well. I Like to think that my gardens are stimulating spaces that also strike a comfortable and intimate chord and work well in the long term.

Over the past ten years I have been working more on projects with Susheila; both sculptural and public art. I often do the installation and construction where it is needed. A few years ago I trained as a practicioner for Grounds for Learning (GfL) Through GfL I have been involved with a number of school playground projects over Southern Scotland.

In the past I worked in various practical horticultural jobs including a memorable spell on a tree nursery in North Germany. From 1982-1989 I was a Horticulture lecturer at Myerscough College, Lancashire. I was responsible for craft training in landscape construction skills and for introduction of a degree course in Horticulture Management. I moved back to Scotland as a horticulture consultant for SAC, at the Bush Estate, Edinburgh I gave advice on landscape management and horticultural problems for a range of clients types but particularly Landscape Contractors and Landscape Architects.

Garden design and construction had been a regular business over all this period. Before leaving SAC and working full time was given more impetus with a couple of small community garden designs for television.

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James Gordon

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