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Gardening Scotland


Patio Garden entry for Gardening Scotland. (Patio gardens are 4m x 5m and cost less than £1000 in materials.) 'A Wilder Garden' - a small town garden. It showpieces local paving materials and the use of native plants in a tapestry planting with some of the herbaceous plants that are a feature of Scottish gardens. It includes shade loving species and some evergreen sedges. Height is provided by a low raised bed constructed from dry stone walling. There is also a curved screen of woven branches. The sponsoring sawmill, McConnel Wood Products, and sculptor Susheila Jamieson have provided stools of hand carved green oak. Hard surfaces are river cobbles, riven red sandstone, and compacted granite dust.

pdf icon Information leaflet for the show garden (187k)

Gardening Scotland 2002